Finally, a planner that doesn't hurt your brain. Therapist approved. Evidence-based.

Future ADHD - Dark Mode planner

Join more than 40,000 neurodivergents worldwide who use & love our Future ADHD planners

Printable and digital ADHD planners (made by an ADHD brain and infused with scientific evidence) designed to fit your brain - available in multiple styles!

Recommended by psychologists, therapists & coaches.

"I cannot overstate how amazing this planner is. I've been using it for almost a month now, so it isn't just the novelty/excitement of something new that makes me say this... it actually IS a complete game-changer. No matter how scattered I'm feeling, I can take a few minutes with this planner and one of the many amazing templates, and I'm ready to tackle my day."


Our ADHD Planner has it all

83 unique ADHD templates

iOS, Android & Windows compatible

Print in A4, US Letter
or Happy Planner

Free LIFETIME updates (2024 and beyond!)


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Future ADHD Digital planners

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Future ADHD Digital planners

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