This is a digital planner. Digital planners are designed to be used in annotation apps, which means (if you're new to digital planning) you need to choose your annotation app before you get started. Here are 3 simple steps. 🙂

First, work out which app you'll use, depending on your device. If you already have a preferred app, skip to step 2.

For iPads, we recommend GoodNotes (paid) or Noteful (free). For Android tablets, we recommend Xodo or Samsung Notes. 

For a full list of apps we recommend (including mobile and desktop), visit:

Next, you'll need to download the digital planner PDF file onto your device of choice. You can either open the Setup Wizard link on that device and download, or download to your computer and Airdrop it across (if using iOS).

Make sure you save the digital planner PDF in your files in a place you can locate easily again.

Open your annotation app (ex. GoodNotes, Xodo) on your iPad or tablet and find the import button, usually in top left. Select import > locate the planner file > import as a new document. 

You'll now have the planner loaded on your device and can start using the hyperlinks to navigate through (like using an app). Because you saved the PDF to your device, you can access your planner offline.

**Watch our video walkthroughs further down the page to learn how to customize your Future ADHD planner and add your favorite templates to each month.

now you're ready. yay!!

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