August 4th, 2023

Podcast - Episode 15

The discussions around Hyperfocus in ADHD scientific literature and on social media have left me feeling like we're just scratching the surface. There's a great deal more to understand about this incredible trait, and why it's so needed in our world...

So today I'm diving deeper into the physiological experience of hyperfocus in the body, and sharing my analogy of how hyperfocus is so much more than 'just being pulled into a task outside of your control' or a trait that annoys others around us... it's actually like taking a long-haul flight.

I'll also explore the phenomenon that is the 'fear of being interrupted' and how that relates to hyperfocus and making sure our deepest needs are met as neurodivergents.

ADHDers are not light planes designed for 30 minute joyrides. We’re 747s, designed for long haul flights and high altitude cruising. We have stamina and the intensity or ‘engine power’ required to get off the ground. When we're at high altitude, we can look down at things from a bird's eye view, see the big vision, and make incredible connections. It's what we've evolved to do. And when we're coming in for 'landing' from a hyperfocus session, we need to make sure we descend slowly.

When we're stuck taxiing on the runway though, or are unable or prevented from being able to take off (for whatever reason - routines, schedules, kids, social expectations/requirements), this can affect our nervous system hugely and means we're not doing what we're f*cking good at.

It's crucial we prioritise long periods of TIME to spend in our imaginary, wondering, dreaming world... researching and learning about new ideas and taking action on them. And if we dedicated the time and space for being in periods of hyperfocus, it can hugely contribute to feeling more generally regulated (because we're feeding that part of ourselves).

All this and more on the Future ADHD podcast - Ep 15.

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