Free workshop: Inside the Future ADHD Planner – with The Mini ADHD Coach

Hello ADHD fam! Need a pep in your step for 2024 planning? Running a little empty on inspo? We've got you covered 😘

Join us - Grace (Future ADHD planner creator) and Alice (@the_mini_adhd_coach illustrator) - as we show you how we use the Future ADHD planner and share our favourite pages and why they work so well for ADHD brains.

This FREE 1-hour 'planner tour' workshop has been put together so you can see how we actually use the pages and how we're setting up our planners this year. It's the perfect introduction if you're new to the planner, overwhelmed or just needing some planner inspo and a kick up the butt for 2024. 🚀😜

So settle in, grab a comfy chair (and a mug of something delicious), and enjoy this in-depth discussion and walkthrough of The Mini ADHD Coach - Future ADHD Planner. Hit play on the video below to begin and we'll see you there! 

Grace & Alice 🙂

P.s - Closed captions can be switched on bottom right of video screen

Learn more about our Mini ADHD Coach (TMAC) planners:

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  1. Hello!

    I have purchased the digital planner, thank you. Am I able to use it on a PC?

    Just wondering….

    Thank you.

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