February 6th, 2023

We are so delighted that our evidence-based resources and tools for neurodivergents are having an ever-broadening impact globally. The Future ADHD planner has now been recommended by therapists, ADHD coaches, educators and behavioural scientists. 


Lilly Engelke, Behavioural Scientist & ADHD Coach

Lilly Engelke, M.S., CSWC, shares how she stumbled across the planner and workbook, and how she was impressed by the robust scientific foundation. Lilly not only uses the Future ADHD planner personally, but also recommends it to her clients and friends.

"Hands down the best discovery I've made for a planner yet. I've tried a few others before this & got too overwhelmed using them. You can tell it was done by an ADHDer & The science was researched VERY well b/c she uses the research of many known professionals in the field of ADHD. As a behavioral scientist I LOVE that this very easy to navigate. It reduces the amount of effort we have to put in to using it but it also has behavioral principles implemented into it, such as: reinforcement for completing tasks that you don't want to do & task breakdown sheets to reduce overwhelm so you focus on the small steps of a task."

You can find out more about Lilly's work at wellnessmantra.org and on Instagram @itssliliyaa


Laura Sgro, Therapist

Laura Sgro, LCSW, is a licensed therapist based in California who was diagnosed with ADHD in her late 20s. She shares why she loves the guilt-free and shame-free model of the planner, and why the Div/Con page is one of her favourite templates.

Listen to Laura's full episode on our podcast below.


Dr. Ali Arena

Dr. Ali Arena is a communications & relationship expert specialising in the unique relational dynamics between neurodivergents and neurotypicals, both adults and kids. Ali has ADHD herself, and is both a Speech-Language Pathologist & Board Certified Behaviour Analyst. She endorses the Future ADHD planner, and you can listen to her podcast interview below.


Lindsay Adams & Paige Bruce, therapists

Lindsay and Paige are therapists and mothers with ADHD, specialising in helping mothers find self-compassion and strategies to connect with their kids, while also nourishing their nervous systems. In the episode below on their podcast Mindful as a Mother, they discuss the Future ADHD planner and why they love the format so much for ADHD brains. 


Michaela Wood, Medical Music Therapist

Michaela Wood, MT-BC, CCLS shares how she uses the Daily Focus Friend to organise her day.

"This is literally the only planner that's ever actually been functional for me. I am beyond obsessed with it and I tell literally everyone about it."

@michaelaleigh.mtbc If you have ADHD, I know you’ve been told to get a planner but how can we make planners work with our brains? This planner is from @future.adhd on Etsy and it’s literally the only planner I’ve ever had that’s worked for me. #adhd #adhdhacks #planner #timemanagement #musictherapy #musictherapist #mentalhealth #fyp ♬ original sound - Michaela Wood, MT-BC, CCLS


Stacy Bolt, Counselor


Belynda Smith, Parent Coach

"I downloaded your planner a week ago and it has completely excited, supported and nourished me! No longer do I have 73 different lists in different places - paper, whiteboard on the fridge, notes on my phone, emailed notes to myself and calendar reminders…. I use the daily planner when I want to, not every day, and it’s super useful not having empty pages staring accusingly at me. I love that I can make and shape the planner to suit my changing needs. Until now I’ve always put so much effort into being organised but have felt like I’m running myself in circles. This planner actually works. It is simple and adaptable and intuitive- I love it! I’m so grateful you made it. I’m new to an awareness of myself as an ADHDer so the science bits are brilliant. Finally, I just love the tone! Supportive, shame free and funny. Thank you so much for bringing this planner to the world, it is making my busy life a lot more peaceful and helping me feel a lot less overwhelmed- priceless!"

Are you a health professional who uses the Future ADHD Planner? Get in touch to share your experience: hello@futureadhd.com

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