August 4th, 2023

Podcast - Episode 14

Is hyperfocus just an annoying, ill-timed and inconvenient ADHD trait, like some researchers suggest? Or is it actually a fundamental and incredibly necessary method of brain functioning that actually FEEDS our brains and helps stimulate and nourish them?

In today's episode I talk about how I've re-framed hyperfocus and why I think it's incredibly important that ADHDers have a trail of abandoned hyperfixations in their wake. I share some of the random hyperfixations I've been focused on for periods of time (that I thought were complete wastes of time), and how those have ended up creating a patchwork of skills that launched my career.

I also talk about the quality and intensity of ADHD attention, and why that's so unique and a skill that's highly sought after, and needed in our world. I hope you enjoy this episode!


This podcast is edited and mastered by Sam from Shred Session Studios

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