You know how sometimes your brain feels like it's on a crazy rollercoaster ride, and just 'doing its own thing?' 🎢🙈 One minute you're feeling calm ("What ADHD?") and the next you're starting to spiral into some kind of emotional state? 😵‍💫

Yeah, me too. And it's really normal for our ADHD brains. 

But understanding that we'll flow between these states, often multiple times a day, is really important. I recently shared about this on Instagram - because on any given day, an ADHDer can experience a multitude of regulated/dysregulated states.

Figuring out that I can swing between different states in just one day gave me the power to take a break, take a breath, and build a bit of a toolkit to help myself in those moments:

My self-care toolkit for when I'm feeling all ADHD dysregulated 🫠

So, here's what's in my toolkit 🧰, and remember, these are some things tat work for me. I encourage you to work out (when you're not feeling completely dysregulated) what works for you.

🎶 Calming Sounds: Like a musical hug for my mind – it's a reset button!
🛌 Comfort Space: Wrapping myself in comfort, creating a safe space when things get crazy.
🌿 Nature Walks: Taking a short stroll outside – like a natural elixir for my ADHD brain.
🤗 Cuddling: A good cuddle with my favorite person or pets – it helps me feel grounded.

And I should mention: These activities aren't intended to solve, cure or fix me. They're just my go-to 'escapes' so I can down-regulate when I need to. 

What to do when you're feeling dysregulated

Engaging in these self-soothing activities isn't just about finding temporary 'escapes' though; it's a practical way to down-regulate the fight/flight response or mobilize yourself out of freeze and paralysis.

Instead of saying "oh, I am so dysregulated today", we can say "I feel dysregulated in this moment", pick up one of our toolkit activities and understand that this feeling will pass.

Understanding that we'll flow back and forth between those states and having strategies in place (in advance) is a game changer.

You can start to re-shape the narrative and stop writing off an entire day just because over lunch time you felt like a dysregulated hot mess (most of the time when this happens I realise I was just hangry 😅)

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