Important news for our iOS digital planner users. This only affects GoodNotes app users.

GoodNotes app has just released (Aug 9, 2023) version 6, and with that comes a new major limit on file sizes for free accounts. The new file size limit for free accounts is 5MB, and this means the Future ADHD planner (and all other digital planners) will no longer work in GoodNotes unless you upgrade to a paid plan.

We know this is likely very frustrating for you (us as well!), and we truly apologize for the inconvenience of these app developments. This news completely took us by surprise, so we are scrambling to update all our information regarding GoodNotes & the Future ADHD planner (on our online store, Etsy store & Setup Wizards). 

Unfortunately there is no way around this, and it is outside our control since we don't own the app 🙁


1) Upgrade and pay for GoodNotes and continue using your planner there. It is an excellent app, and worth paying for if that fits in your budget. New features with version 6 include predictive text & the ability to link pages, meaning more customization!

2) Switch to a free alternative for iOS. We recommend Notability.

* Note: You can export your GoodNotes Future ADHD planner as a PDF with all your annotations included, and import to Notability - here's how.

Information from GoodNotes about subscriptions

  • If you’re using the free version of GoodNotes 5, you can continue using the free version until September 9th. After that, you’ll be automatically upgraded to the free tier of Goodnotes 6.
  • From August 9th onwards, you won’t be able to download GoodNotes 5 anymore, since the listing will now be Goodnotes 6. However, if you already have GoodNotes 5 and are a free user, you will still be able to purchase the full version of GoodNotes 5 within the app until September 9th, 2023.
  • More information here:
  • If you have any questions about your planner, please contact customer support team, but please keep in mind we have no additional information other than what is listed above.

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