Our planner can be completely functional on a Supernote A5X, however accessing some of the main functions looks very different from using the planner on an iPad. Here's some of the key differences and work arounds for using the Future ADHD planner on your Supernote.

Importing the planner

The natural first step with a PDF document on a Supernote is to open it as a PDF since the PDF "viewer" is an annotation app: Annotation functions are available and links are preserved. However, that does not allow for copying and duplicating of template pages.

The planner retains most of its functionality if you create a new Note and then import the entire PDF planner as a template. This preserves all hyperlinks, and also adds the ability to copy and paste individual pages while retaining both the page template and its hyperlinks.

Copying Pages

Supernote ‘Notes’ do not have drag-and-drop functionality to copy templates into months. But there are two ways of copying pages, both of which preserve hyperlinks: Using the Pages overview is possible but clunky and makes navigation cumbersome. An easier way to use the toolbar command "Copy Current Page" (probably hidden behind the three-dot menu), then navigate using the planner's links to the correct month, go to the page you want the template pasted after, and use "Paste Page" - similar to how GoodNotes is described.

Annotation mode

There is no difference between annotation and navigation modes - just pen functions, which means that all navigation functions are available at all times.


Stickers are more complicated: There is not currently a function to add any sort of image to a Note other than as a full-screen template, and AFAIK, there is no way to copy an image from a PDF. The only way to use stickers or icons on a Supernote is to draw them natively into a Note file. They can then be copied, pasted, resized and rotated. If stickers were made available to Supernote users, they would have to be recreated natively.

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Using the Future ADHD Planner on your Supernote A5X

Using the Future ADHD Planner on your Supernote A5X
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