May 16th, 2023

Episode 12 - Podcast

Today on the podcast I'm speaking with a politician, but definitely not your average politician. Jordon Steele-John is the second youngest Senator in Australia, and shares the incredible story of how he was elected into the Senate at 23, and how, in the 6 years since then, he continues to use his unique lens as a disabled politician to advocate for the disabled community in a way Australia hasn't seen before. Jordon's office has a strong current focus on ADHD reform and this year prompted a radical community-led national inquiry into ADHD, medicare and support services.

Joana Partyka also joins me on this weeks conversation. Joana is Jordon's Communications Advisor, a woman with a lived experience of ADHD, and is working closely with Jordon & his team on their current ADHD campaign in Australia.

Jordon, Joana & I talk about:

- why the Greens party and Jordon's office in particular has a current focus on ADHD and easier access to support & medication 

- how to make a submission to the ADHD inquiry (closes June 9th 2023 - links below)

- how important it is to centre the lived experience of ADHDers when creating change movements and policy change at a governmental level

- how Jordon has helped to create an inclusive and supportive environment in his office for disabled people, and in particular people with ADHD




Submission template:

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