May 4th, 2023

Episode 11 - Podcast

If you have a child or student with ADHD (diagnosed or suspected) who experiences worry or rumination regularly, this episode is for you! And if you're NOT a caregiver, parent or teacher, many of the tools I share about understanding our ADHD, anxiety-prone brains can still apply to adults, especially if we're trying to dismantle a lifetime of negative messages and begin healing our inner child.

In this episode I share about:

  • my personal journey as a parent navigating worry with my 7yo son
  • why kids/people with ADHD are more prone to worry, anxiety and rumination
  • the effect of gaslighting: why telling them 'there's nothing to worry about' doesn't help
  • how we can empower our kids through self-understanding and simple & fun thought exercises that will help them feel less helpless and more in control
  • how to make talking about anxiety hilarious and interesting for kids, to keep them engaged and in the driver's seat
  • how I talk to my kid about worry (including examples)
  • understanding worry as one part of many parts that make up who we are
  • activating curiosity (a fantastic 'hack' for ADHD interest-based brains) to stop misplaced fear in its tracks
  • the neurology of the limbic system, amygdala and its adaptive evolutionary advantage for human species
  • repetition of these tools to embed new beliefs and self-identity in neural pathways
  • and more!

Resources/books mentioned:

No Bad Parts, by Richard Schwartz

Internal Family Systems Therapy with Children, by Lisa Spiegel

Inside Out, a children's animated film by Pixar

Hey Warrior (a picture book on Worry for kids) by Karen Young

DISCLAIMER: This episode is not intended as therapy or advice for your specific situation. Please seek your own professional psychological advice about matters that concern you or your children.

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