April 26th, 2023

Episode 10 - Podcast


If you're in a current state of nervous system overwhelm, feeling regularly anxious or chronically stressed, and have no idea how to even BEGIN to rest again, then this episode is for you.

In this episode I talk about:

  • how external environmental stressors can accrue and weigh on our nervous system
  • why these external stressors exacerbate our ADHD 'symptoms' and challenges
  • what to do when you're so chronically stressed you get stuck in fight or flight 'sympathetic' mode, and are completely overwhelmed
  • my honest story the past 4 weeks dealing with overstimulation, school holiday chaos and overwhelm
  • when all self care feels like an effort and why guided visualisations have been AMAZING for me
  • examples of life and relationships stressors on our nervous system
  • a checklist to assess nervous system burnout in our body
  • what happens when our nervous systems gets stuck in a fight or flight state
  • shame & guilt when we 'fail' at self care
  • sensory cocoons, creating a safe 'home' inside your body & how even a 1 minute break can help
  • a 20 min guided visualisation to invite deep rest and connection with your body


20 min guided visualisation starts at 21:45. If you'd like to listen to the visualisation only, click here.

**WARNING: Do not listen while driving or operating heavy machinery.

Disclaimer:  This episode is information only, not intended to replace therapy or advice by trained mental health professionals. Please seek professional support about your specific circumstances and look after you. ❤️

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