Evidence-based planners & resources designed for ADHD brains.

In a world where the prevailing medical model defines ADHD only in terms of its deficits, I prefer to begin conversations on ADHD by defining myself by who I am, instead of what I’m not. 

This isn’t to dismiss or ignore the very real challenges that come with being neurodivergent in a world that wasn’t designed for our brains. But I’ve noticed that my biggest ADHD deficit isn’t the sleep deprivation or the procrastination. It’s the shame I’ve carried with me since childhood. It’s the basic, unspoken fear in a question: ‘what’s wrong with me?’

Know this. There is nothing wrong with you. Your brain makes sense.

Living with ADHD (and a complex array of other vulnerablities) in a world that isn’t designed for neurodivergents, isn’t easy. No matter what your story is, Future ADHD offers you a safe place where your brain makes sense - a way to re-frame your struggles, unshame your past, and learn to work with your ADHD brain. 

Our team works hard to create innovative and original templates, tools and strategies that are informed by the latest science in ADHD to help you find more ease & clarity today, whatever situation you find yourself in.

I'm Grace, the founder of Future ADHD, and lead designer of all our products & tools. I'm an Education Specialist and a Certified Breathwork & Meditation Teacher. Being diagnosed with combined type ADHD at 33 helped make sense of my entire life — and while I wholeheartedly support an empowered and strength-based approach to ADHD, I also hold space and honour the daily complexity and difficulty of being neurodivergent in a world that isn't designed for us.

Over decades, we have accumulated layered self-beliefs and negative messages that plague us — after a lifetime of feeling misunderstood and simultaneously too much, and not enough. 

Know this... There is so much that can be done to help you find balance, clarity and homeostasis (and no, your ADHD is not something that needs to be cured - it's the key to unlocking your greatest wholeness and potential). I know, because I'm walking that journey alongside you.

If this resonates for you, and you want to join a community of brilliant, like-minded people, and learn more about your neurodivergent mind, then come along.

About the founder

Grace Koelma, ADHD advocate & educator

I'm a neurodivergent entrepreneur and mum of two based in Western Australia. I have a degree in Education, and am a Certified Breathwork & Meditation Teacher. 

My ongoing education on the intersection of ADHD and holistic therapies includes courses with the Sante Fe Institute for Shame-Based Studies, Somatic process work, Internal Family Systems, 10 Types of Rest, and the Polyvagal Theory of Nervous System Regulation.

I founded Future ADHD together with my husband in mid-2022, and have been hanging on for the wild ride as it grows at a rapid pace — a clear indicator that there is such a hunger for legitimate and science-informed ADHD resources right now.

I'm a delight-driven life enthusiast with a neurospicy brain and a decade-long fascination with developmental psychology, mindfulness, neural plasticity, and — more recently — how that intersects with brain-based differences like ADHD. In 2022, after being officially diagnosed with ADHD, I did a huge neuroscience deep dive and developed a comprehensive ADHD planner that neurodivergent brains could actually stick with, with templates and tools based on the work of several ADHD experts and behavioural scientists... and I'm incredibly proud to say that, in just a few short months since we launched, it's now the No. 1 ADHD planner in the world, with more than 30,000 users globally (including therapists, psychologists and coaches), and 2700+ rave reviews.

Dark Mode is one of our most popular colour choices, offering low stimulation planning that's easy on the eyes.

I get messages almost on a daily basis from people who have found organisation and mental clarity with a planner for the first time in their lives. Honestly, I think that's pretty incredible, and this work has motivated me to continue to provide strategies and support for the ADHD community based on neurobiology, polyvagal theory, unconscious beliefs, breathwork, nervous system regulation, meditation and radical acceptance practice, somatic therapies, bilateral stimulation, IFS inner child therapy and much more.

You can read a little more of my journey of finding out about my ADHD here

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