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Life with an ADHD brain can be a wild ride, swinging between intense obsessions and hyperfocus, to exhaustion and overwhelm… and sometimes these pendulum swings can feel very lonely in a world that doesn't truly understand neurodiversity.

But what if our daydreaming, impulsivity, and fierce obsessions all make complete sense... What if we're not flawed or disordered, but rather living in a fast-paced world that wasn't designed for our brilliant ADHD brains?

Join me as we explore the latest ADHD research, and take a deep dive into topics like unconscious limiting beliefs, habits & productivity, mindset, self-perception, and nervous system nourishment. I'll also chat to a range of neurodivergent guests, so we can challenge the status quo, change the conversation and shape the future of ADHD together.

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More about the Podcast

Yasss, it's happening! Officially launching in 2023, this podcast is our shared community growth space.

We have been fed a damaging story that productivity = worthiness for too long, and neurodivergents have felt pushed out, undervalued for their unique, non-linear brains and confused about how they can be both creative, intuitive and stay organized (if that's what serves them) 

Know this... Right now, in your chaotic mess and frazzled brain, you are valuable, smart, kind and worthy. You don't have to do anything. The hustle culture and output-focused society we have been conditioned in will want you to believe that some of your worth lies in your ability to be organized or productive. It doesn't.

After years stuck in shame spirals and anxiety loops, I'm sharing the life-changing strategies I've used to find my way back to home again inside my mind and body, even when the sh*t hits the fan. I'm saying 'no thank you' to society's perception of me as an ADHD woman, and carving my own path, with my own definitions of what success, balance and joy looks like.

I'm doing the work alongside you, and every week on the podcast I'll be sharing my journey towards creating more ease and spaciousness inside the adrenaline filled highways of my brain, and finding a more compassionate approach to working with my unique, super-charged, galaxy brain.

Join me as I interview ADHD experts, therapists & doctors using my planner with their patients. I'll speak about ADHD + self care, dismantling shame around being 'bad' at planning & organisation, mindset and self-perception, inner-child work, friendships, nervous system nourishment, habits & productivity, and limiting self beliefs and unconscious programming, and so much more!

It's going to be the place to hang in 2023. Come joinnn!

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