April 5th, 2023

Episode 9 - Podcast

Emotional spending, impulsivity, credit card debt, internalised shame & budgeting phobia... these are just a few of the areas that ADHDers often report struggling with when it comes to financial management. So it was no surprise that after 25K+ downloads of our ADHD planner, adding a finance/budgeting section was the No. 1 user request.

In today's episode, I'm joined by Eric & Georgie from the Future ADHD team to talk about the launch of our brand new 25-page finance section in the ADHD planner called 'Conscious Cash', which comes as a FREE lifetime update for all customers.

Because our mission is to shape the future of ADHD, we wanted to bring you powerful finance trackers based on scientific research that would really help you move the needle on your money habits... so we spent 2 months testing, designing and re-imagining the standard money templates to REALLY motivate and support divergent ADHD brains. Trust us, making sure you're not bored and have lots of dopamine-filled options was our main goal!

The response from our audience so far has been hugely positive. So if you need a bit of guidance as you're setting up your planner or just want some money re-frames for ADHD brains, this valued-packed episode has something for everyone!

Disclaimer: We are not financial experts and are not qualified to give financial advice, so this episode is merely generalised information - please refer to your financial advisor about your personal situation.

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