February 5th, 2023

Today I'm bringing you a conversation with Laura Sgro, who's a licensed therapist based in California who was diagnosed with ADHD in her late 20s. Laura and I crossed paths when she bought my ADHD planner and reached out to say how much she was loving it. We traded emails back and forth and had sooo much to talk about when it came to the female experience of ADHD and understanding the complex emotional journey that comes with being diagnosed late in life.

We talk about so much good stuff, including:

  • Laura's story being diagnosed with ADHD, neurodiversity in females compared to the stigmas and research about males
  • Laura's thoughts about the Future ADHD planner from a therapist lens and her favourite pages
  • De-stigmatizing labels like ADHD and neurotypical and the value of 'bridge labels'
  • unconscious and limiting beliefs and understanding the language of our nervous system
  • the role of shame, negative self critics and guilt when it comes to ADHD, and how to begin the journey of healing our wounded inner child even when self compassion feels impossible
  • therapeutic modalities like EMDR, breathwork, somatic therapies, and narrative therapy that really support you as you learn more about your brain, and start to heal parts of yourself that weren't valued by society and systems in your childhood
  • and so much more!

Laura gives loads of actionable tips and wise advice from her therapeutic lens, so I hope you get lots of value from our conversation.

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