February 5th, 2023

Episode 6 - Podcast

[PART 2 of Interview]

Liliya Engelke (M.S. CHWC) is an ADHD coach and behavioural scientist who was diagnosed with ADHD as an adult. In this two-part conversation we examine the neurobiology and chemistry of the ADHD brain.

Lilly talks about:
• the cascade of overwhelm and the shame spiral behind paralysis and doom scrolling on the couch
• the link between dopamine and motivation
• the genius ‘spoon analogy’ that explains ADHD executive dysfunction
• “white coat syndrome” and the diagnosis process
• why neurodivergents can avoid support after being gaslit by medical professionals
• how a behavioural coach can help you modify your ADHD behaviours, create systems to support you and empower you to find your own solutions long term
• why Lilly loves our Future ADHD planner so much and recommends to her clients

And make sure you check out Part 1 for the rest of this value-packed conversation.

Follow Lilly on IG - @itssliliyaa

Lilly’s Coaching Support - https://www.wellnessmantra.org/

Join 20K neurodivergents who use our evidence-based ADHD Planners: https://futureadhd.com/
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