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Future ADHD Printable Planner

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The #1 ADHD planner in the world. Used by 70k+ neurodivergents. Evidence based templates designed specifically for ADHD.

Buy a color, use forever. Free lifetime updates! 😍

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At Future ADHD, our work in supporting ADHDers is based on scientific evidence, and is holistic and strengths-based.We've developed unique, evidence-based frameworks and templates that help us organize our lives and schedules in a way that makes sense to our brains. In my work developing the Future ADHD planner, and generally in my role as an ADHD educator, I reference empirical studies, meta-analysis, phenomenological (qualitative) studies, and books or lectures by ADHD psychologists and other experts. I also consult my own lived experience, as that is a valid source as well.

You can see a full list of research studies and sources here.


Rainbow, Sunset, Dark Mode, Monochrome, Lavender, Forest Green, Sorbet, Dark Rainbow, Eucalyptus

Planners designed for ADHD brains

Flexible, guilt-free and ready for your chaos, inconsistency & hyperfocus deep-dives.

See the full list of compatible devices and apps here

Created by a team

of ADHDers 

Loved by 70k+

5500+ reviews
(4.8/5 avg)

Based on latest
scientific research

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Free lifetime updates

Brooke, USA I've been using the paper version of this planner for the past year and it has become indispensable. The digital version is so easy to use and modify it to fit the way that my brain works. It saves printing out the pages I use and not having to carry around a binder. Thank you for creating this resource!! I tell my students about it all the time!


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Julie, Texas, USA Not to be dramatic, but this 'planner' moved me to tears. I have so much trouble following traditional planners but I desperately need the organization. Basically this planner is a use or ignore, guiltless planner that lets you choose what formats/functionality works for you. AND it doesn't trap you in that for an entire year.


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If you've tried and failed with planners, it's not because you're a hot mess...

It’s because most traditional planners aren’t designed for ADHD brains.

As an ADHDer, I know the feeling... you probably feel guilty when you miss a day (or month), give up, and throw it in a doom pile with ALLLL the others. But your brain isn’t broken, it’s just NEVER been given a flexible system that works with your creativity, passion and inconsistency. Until now…

We began with a simple goal: "How do you build a planner that someone can actually stick with?". Months of research, design & behavioural testing later and the Future ADHD Digital Planner was born. 

It’s the first planner of its kind based in the actual science behind how our brains work and made specifically for ADHD. And it's recommended by therapists, psychologists and behavioral scientists (and yes, I have the testimonials and podcast interviews here to back that up 😉💪.)

This planner is not afraid of your inconsistent planning style. It's designed for it.

  • Templates with tips to normalize inconsistent ADHD brains and remove the shame around 'falling off the bandwagon'. Pick up where you left off!
  • For many ADHDers, this is the first planner they've EVER stuck with for multiple months (see our reviews!)
  • Based on science. Recommended by therapists, psychologists & behavioral scientists.

Got a graveyard of old planners? Me too.

Here's why this is different...

All templates include evidence-based ADHD features to assist with time-blindness, executive functioning, analysis paralysis, hygiene & self-care, impulse spending, forgetfulness and mental side quests/distractibility. Here's one example...

Future ADHD Printable Planner - DFF mockup

Ready to order your Future ADHD planner?

Ready to order your Future ADHD planner?

💖 Buy once and use forever with our free lifetime updates!

** That means ALL future updates, improvements, new templates & new sections for 2024, 2025 and beyond. Absolutely no hidden costs (so it's ADHD-friendly).

Created by an ADHD brain...

Hiii, I'm Grace.

After being diagnosed with ADHD in my early 30s, I began a deep-dive into ADHD research that led me to ask WHY productivity and organisation feels like a foreign language for ADHDers.

For years I tried other planners, but they always ended up collecting dust on my bedside table. Sound familiar? I thought I sucked at follow through, but now I know that the ADHD brain approaches productivity and work-life balance differently. So I made a planner that would support that style, with a guilt-free design that allows ADHDers to miss a day, a week or a month without the shame spirals or critical self-talk.

Welcome to the Future ADHD Planner, which now has 70k+ users worldwide and is the #1 ADHD planner in the world.

The Future ADHD printable planner

Here's a quick look at some of the pages in the Future ADHD digital planner. Or you can get a full list of contents here.

Chelsea, USA I've purchased the printable version and I'm crying as I go through it because I feel so seen... reminders that overwhelm might happen and that's ok, and to take things one step at a time. I can definitely tell someone with ADHD has put this together and I'm so grateful for this resource already. Thank you thank you thank you!


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Sofia, Costa Rica I just wanted to share how much I appreciate your work in creating your planner. I just bought it and I cried reading through it. I've never seen anything like it. I feel so seen and supported. It feels like I've been in crowds of strangers averting their eyes and suddenly someone made eye contact with me. You nailed it.


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Here's to re-framing the 'shoulds', understanding your brain and finding your distinctive rhythm. Your ADHD brain makes sense. 💙

✨ Inside the planner... ✨

There are 190+ unique templates within our planners. Here's a summary list to keep it less overwhelming:

Comprehensive 2024 planner (+ Lifetime Updates)

  • Dated planners with Sun or Mon start options.
  • Year-at-a-glance for 2024.
  • Lifetime access to all future updates and annual editions.

Customizable Covers

  • Choose from 14 beautiful cover options or rotate for novelty

Projects Notebook stack

  • 5 blank notebooks to track your creative ideas.

Organizing, Prioritizing, and Productivity

  • ADHD-specific daily planner with multiple layouts.
  • Undated weekly planner.
  • Monthly overview and Jan-Dec monthly calendars (add your own dates).
  • 'Do it with Dopamine' reward-based templates for completing tasks.
  • Get sh*t done to-do list with reward sections for weekdays and weekends.
  • Div/Con planning to move from brainstorming to logical action.
  • Real-world priorities template based on the Eisenhower Matrix.
  • Remember Stuff - Tracking Tools

  • Track new friend names, D&Ms with friends, ADHD tax, hyper-focus lists, parcel arrivals, and more.
  • Tools to help reduce impulsive shopping, track podcasts, books, assignments, passwords, and more.
  • Finance - Conscious Cash

  • Manage household and vacation budgets, income vs. expenses, and subscriptions.
  • Debt check-in and dissolver, impulse buy checklist, takeout tracker, and spending habit tracker.
  • Savings wishlist, future self savings jar, Div/Con savings goal, and the 10 & 10 rule.
  • Trackers for bills, clutter cash, gift budgeting, and more!
  • Healthy Habit Setting

  • Self-care assessment wheel and habit visualization/tracking (including unique journey mode).
  • Step-by-step habit evaluation and daily habit checkboxes.
  • Limiting belief reframing
  • Science Tips - Understanding the ADHD Brain:

    • Insights on ADHD & time perception, divergent & convergent thinking, money management, motivation, mind wandering, exercise, and hyperfocus.

    Self Care

    • Track your mood, self-care routine, sleep, screen time, fitness, therapy notes, ADHD coaching sessions, medication, and appointments

    Domestic Domination

    • Guides for digital and home decluttering, meal planning, grocery lists, and plant health tracking

    Unique & Innovative Focus Tools

    • Hyper-focus Lotus, Productivity Power Petals, and phone call focus pages.

    Unwind Un-mind

    'Don’t Think, Just Do' page, wind-down strategies & tracker, playlists for relaxation, 'Color to Calm' pages, and symmetry stress-relief pages.

    Dordy Studio, Australia I just finished setting up my planner for 2023!! I've used your planner every day since August, and I haven't reflected until today on how much of a staple it's been in my daily life. I can't thank you enough for the work you've put into this. It's been literally life changing.THANK YOU!


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    Liliya Engelke, Behavioral Scientist & ADHD Coach Hands down the best discovery I've made for a planner yet. I've tried a few others before this & got too overwhelmed using them. You can tell it was done by an ADHDer & the science was researched VERY well using the research of many known professionals in the field of ADHD. As a behavioral scientist I LOVE that this is very easy to navigate.


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    Bonus: Mini coloring cards

    Handy printable carry cards featuring colour to calm and symmetry stress-relief (easily fit in your bag so you can take them with you)

    Digital vs. Printable - what's the difference?

    About the creator

    I'm Grace - founder of Future ADHD and creator of the planner. Diagnosed with ADHD in my 30s, I'm an ADHD educator (B. Ed), speaker, author, and host of the Future ADHD podcast, and co-host of the "Your ADHD Besties" podcast.

    I take a scientific approach to creating organizational tools that work with, not against, neurodivergent brains. Integrating my training in breathwork and meditation, I support the ADHD nervous system holistically, creating a planner that promotes self-care and sustainable productivity.

    My team and I collaborate with psychologists, therapists, and behavioral scientists to develop strength-based ADHD resources that help you understand your brilliant, divergent brain. Dive in and enjoy!

    I mostly hang out on Instagram. Come and say hiiii 👋

    Grace Koelma

    Founder, Future ADHD

    Commonly asked questions

    🔬 What's the scientific basis?

    At Future ADHD, our work in supporting ADHDers is based on scientific evidence, and is holistic, strengths-based and curiosity-driven. We've developed unique, evidence-based frameworks and templates that help us organize our lives and schedules in a way that makes sense to our brains. In my work developing the Future ADHD planner, and generally in my role as an ADHD educator, I reference empirical studies, meta-analysis, phenomenological (qualitative) studies, and books or lectures by ADHD psychologists and other experts. I also consult my own lived experience, as that is a valid source as well. You can see a full list of research studies and sources here.

    What does lifetime updates mean?

    Lifetime updates are included with your purchase for the color of planner you choose. Our 'lifetime updates policy' is an integral part of Future ADHD's mission to make access to quality ADHD resources affordable for everyone, and reduce #ADHDtax and hidden subscription costs. You'll get access to future versions of your planner color, including calendar updates for next year (and beyond), so you'll only need to purchase this planner once. If you want another color version in future, that is a separate purchase.

    Is this an app?

    No, this is not an app. It is a printable PDF. This means after purchasing you will receive instant access to a PDF file you can download to your device and print for yourself at home or at a print store (like Staples, Officeworks, etc)

    If you'd like to use your planner within an app, you can check out our digital planner in our shop. This requires a third-party annotation app (details on the Digital planner page).

    🧠 What makes this planner neurodivergent friendly?

    When I created this planner, I thought long and hard about what a planner would look like that was truly designed for ADHD brains. One of our key traits is curiosity; we have a hard time getting onboard with a new system if we don't understand why it's important. That's why, in every section of the planner, we've included scientific explanations, backed by research, to show you exactly how our templates are tailored to support your uniquely creative, unpredictable, and always fast-brained ADHD mind.

    There are over 270 unique pages (and around 650 pages for the 365-version with all the daily, weekly and monthly linked pages), with tons of options so you can customize to suit your brain, your lifestyle and your habits. It's guilt and shame-free, and comes with tutorial videos to guide you as you get set up. Finally, you get lifetime access to updates with no hidden fees: no hidden #ADHDtax. Living with ADHD in a world that isn’t designed for neurodivergents is a challenging journey. No matter what your story is, the Future ADHD planner offers you a safe place where your brain makes sense - a way to re-frame your struggles, unshame your past, and learn to work with your ADHD brain. 

    Is this planner suitable for kids or teens?

    While it's not designed specifically for kids, the templates are suitable for all ages, and many would be applicable for teens.  

    Note: This version of the Future ADHD planner has a section titled 'Get Sh*t Done'. If you want a planner without this language, the The Mini ADHD Coach (TMAC) version of the planner does not contain expletives, so that it's accessible to all ages. The Mini ADHD Coach is a friendly little character throughout who acts like a little guide, and shares handy tips.

    If I got the digital planner instead, could I just print that?

    Both printable and digital planners come as a PDF, so you can technically print the digital planner just like any PDF, but keep in mind the page dimensions are designed for tablets, and may not fit exactly on a page or be highest print quality. We recommend buying the print version if you want to print regularly.

    You can read more about printing the digital planner in this article

    If you're feeling overwhelmed or just having a popcorn brain moment 🍿, you can also contact our team for assistance. We see you. We get it, and we're here to help. 💛

    💁‍♀️ Follow @future.adhd on Tiktok and Instagram and come say hiiii!

    Future ADHD Digital Planner - Copyright © 2024 - Future ADHD. This planner is for PERSONAL use only and DOES NOT come with a commercial license. Individuals, businesses, therapists, health practitioners, or wellness coaches wishing to use this resource with their clients/patients will need written permission. Contact support. My team and I have put years of work into the research and design of this planner. Please respect creators.

    Future ADHD™️ is a registered trademark and all our products are registered copyright.