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Testimonials from our community of 70,000+

 Brooke, USA

"I've been using the paper version of this planner for the past year and it has become indispensable. The digital version is so easy to use and modify it to fit the way that my brain works. Saving the step of printing out the particular pages I use and not having to carry around a binder will make this teacher's life so much easier! Thank you for creating this resource!! I tell my students about it all the time!"

Callum, USA

"I have had this printable for about two months now. I adore this. Super helpful for my ADHD - easy to choose which pages to print, printer-friendly black & white pages save ink, and the best part is that it actually WORKS for my ADHD brain. Do I use it every day? Hell no, I barely remember to eat regularly! But when I need it, it's extremely easy to pop a pre-printed page in my notebook and move on with my day instead of sifting through hundreds of unused planner pages glaring at me emptily. This is the planner I have used the most BY FAR, and it feels so easy and sustainable that I am so glad I bought it. It's flexible enough that I'm not worried about buying a planner every two weeks anymore. Showed my shiny new planner to my friends and coworkers and several folks have bought their own copy and use it enthusiastically."

Kate, USA


"Your planner has been life changing for me. I've struggled my whole life with ADHD symptoms but never connected the dots until a few months ago. As a new mom also taking on the challenge of going back to school, your planner helped encourage me to not quit on myself and my dreams. There were so many times in the past few months that I wanted to just throw my hands up and cry in helplessness and frustration, but looking at your planner and the way its specifically set up for brains like mine made it possible for me to take a deep breath and organize myself one tiny step at a time. Because of your help (and encouraging emails) this planner has set off a chain reaction of positivity in my life. I'm feeling more confident checking my planner every morning and throughout the day, and I even made it on the Dean's list this semester! I couldn't have done it without your help. I have more confidence going into the new year because even if I get overwhelmed, I know I can reset. Thank you so much, Grace, and please keep up the updates and emails! A very grateful neurodivergent."

Sofia, Costa Rica

"I just wanted to share how much I appreciate your work in creating your planner. I just bought it and I cried reading through it. I've never seen anything like it. I feel so seen and supported. It feels like I've been in crowds of strangers averting their eyes and suddenly someone made eye contact with me. You nailed it. ❤️❤️"

Benjamin, USA

"Your planner actually makes sense to me for the first time. I'm 51, and I've been an executive for the world's largest corporation, and they didn't get this. We prototyped Franklyn Planner, Blackberry, etc. I've had thousands of dollar tests and evaluations by the company to make me a better leader. It was all a waste, never hit the mark. But THIS. Thank You Thank You Thank You."

Chelsea, USA

"I've purchased the printable version and I'm crying as I go through it because I feel so seen... reminders that overwhelm might happen and that's ok, and to take things one step at a time. I can definitely tell someone with ADHD has put this together and I'm so grateful for this resource already. Thank you thank you thank you!"

Julie, Texas, USA

“Not to be dramatic, but this 'planner' moved me to tears. I have so much trouble following traditional planners but I desperately need the organization that planners appear to be in the teaser trailer of my brain. Basically this planner is a use or ignore, guiltless planner that lets you choose what formats/functionality works for you. AND it doesn't trap you in that for an entire year. If you wake up one day and realize yesterday's format isn't going to work for your brain today, you just print a page that will work for you and move forward. Routine feels impossible for me, and is honestly not something I want ruling my life. This planner is made by someone who obviously understands that and doesn't treat it as a negative quality. Instead of conforming to stupid little papers, I CONFORM THE PAPERS TO MEE!!!”

Jeanette, USA

You have literally changed my life. I am a Family Nurse Practitioner and have been recommending your planner and podcast to all my ADHD patients and friends.

Dordy Studio, Australia


"I just finished setting up my planner for 2023!! I've used your planner every day since August, and I haven't reflected until today on how much of a staple it's been in my daily life. I can't thank you enough for the work you've put into this. It's been literally life changing. 💖 💖"

Lilly, USA


"Hands down the best discovery I've made for a planner yet. I've tried a few others before this & got too overwhelmed using them. You can tell it was done by an ADHDer & The science was researched VERY well b/c she uses the research of many known professionals in the field of ADHD. As a behavioral scientist I LOVE that this very easy to navigate. It reduces the amount of effort we have to put in to using it but it also has behavioral principles implemented into it, such as: reinforcement for completing tasks that you don't want to do & task breakdown sheets to reduce overwhelm so you focus on the small steps of a task. She also included really fun hyperfocus activities to help break that up AND mood and med trackers which are very helpful when you have to update med providers frequently. WORTH EVERY PENNY!"

Michaela, North Carolina, USA


"This is literally the only planner that's ever actually been functional for me. I am beyond obsessed with it and I tell literally everyone about it."

Belynda, Western Australia


"I downloaded your planner a week ago and it has completely excited, supported and nourished me! No longer do I have 73 different lists in different places - paper, whiteboard on the fridge, notes on my phone, emailed notes to myself and calendar reminders…. I use the daily planner when I want to, not every day, and it’s super useful not having empty pages staring accusingly at me. I love that I can make and shape the planner to suit my changing needs. Until now I’ve always put so much effort into being organised but have felt like I’m running myself in circles. This planner actually works. It is simple and adaptable and intuitive- I love it! I’m so grateful you made it. I’m new to an awareness of myself as an ADHDer so the science bits are brilliant. Finally, I just love the tone! Supportive, shame free and funny. Thank you so much for bringing this planner to the world, it is making my busy life a lot more peaceful and helping me feel a lot less overwhelmed- priceless!"

Helen, Alabama, USA

"I looked through the planner, and it's absolutely amazing. Every other ADHD planner/app I've seen feels like ADHD is a problem to be solved, and then that only makes me (and other people with ADHD) feel worse when we don't use it as planned or need to start over. This really is 100% made for someone with ADHD, and I think it's going to be a HUGE help in getting my life back on track."

Jim, Indiana, USA


"I’ve been hunting for a digital planner for awhile, just something simple and I bought and downloaded this absolute gem. When I opened it up it was more than I could ever have imagined. Templates for every thought I could have and Grace had answers for every question I had. If you are a busy business person you will find every aspect of this planner will help you improve your everyday life. Download this today and make your tomorrow a better day."

Ronja, Sweden

"I have bought and tried several digital planners but hot damn, this one has everything I could dream of and more. I can’t recommend it enough!!"

Maria, Spain

"Just knowing about the existence of this planner makes me want to cry with happiness. I'm so excited to use it, I already have so many things in mind that I want to write! My native language is Spanish so understanding some things is very difficult for me, but I am grateful to feel so understood and accompanied for the first time after 23 years. Thank you Future ADHD for revolutionizing with this wonder."


"Cannot tell you what this planner has meant to me. While I don’t have ADHD, I do have major depression and when I’m in a depressive valley, I find it hard to form basic thoughts, attend to self-care needs, or function productively. The best way for me to overcome this is to set up a plan while I’m on a peak that I can implement automatically, without thinking. Something that details everything from basic self-care and hygiene needs to structured thinking about how I will go through my day. This journal/planner has been that framework for me. It helps me (and my family) make sure I’m meeting little goals and protecting/taking care of myself. Currently I’m in a valley, but my recovery/function plan which centers around this planner is currently being executed and it has been empowering for me and my family."

Anna, Tenessee, USA


"Downloaded your planner today... I'm a law school professor and this is LIFE. CHANGING. My latest hyperfocus is the cognitive/behavioral science behind ADHD and habits, but you have managed to take it *all* and compile it into the most amazing creation of epic phenomenal-ness. (Not a word, but whatever). Thank you."

Katie, United Kingdom

"If you even suspect you have ADHD I recommend you buy this. This is literally life changing. Ideal flexibility for neurodivergent minds. It comes packed with extras. Super customizable. I actually forsee myself using this more than other planners I've tried. The fact that I can incorporate other pdfs into the main one is lifesaving. I wanna be involved with 5 projects at once and this allows me to get to them all easily. I'm extremely impressed by this planner. I may even get a supernote pad to max out the potential." 

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Edwina, Australia

"Amazing! Love this planner. Such great value for all the features. The Daily Focus Friend fits my brain perfectly and I absolutely love the overall flexibility. Already I've included so much information in one place that previously would have either been strewn across post-it notes, random sheets of paper or just never written down. Thank you!"

Aym, Illinois, USA

"I just downloaded this planner to GoodNotes, and the amount of JOY I feel scrolling through the templates and reading is SO unexpected. I haven’t started organizing just yet, but am so excited to start filling this planner out and making it my own. Loved the how-to video that accompanied the download, and it’s design is lovely! So thrilled with this purchase!!"

Dempire, Maryland, USA

"I cannot tell you how happy I was to find something that actually seems designed to help non-normal brains! I don't feel guilty because I can build the pages and format each day/week/month based on how I feel, there are pages for reflection, doodling, hyperfocus, this is not just a yearly planner, this is whatever you want it to be. I actually for once don't feel like there is something wrong with me, and was actually teary to find a format that was designed to accommodate my brain."

Darren, Florida, USA

“This is hands down the best thing I’ve come across on the internet for ADHD (including Dyslexia if you’re like myself) and/or any other neurodivergence type of planner. 🔥 Take a peep at the examples and read. 👀 You’ll notice the creator spent a lot of time crafting this for our types whereas a lot of other planners just slap the “ADHD” label on it and have a few nice-looking templates. Grace properly dubbed this as a “growth mindset” —it will show you how to be *more* effective with your day, how to not swirl, how to progress things properly while working with the “gift” our crazy-sparky-creative-700MPH brains can be. 🧠 It’s day One for me and I’m already in love.” 

Jordan, Texas, USA

"This planner had everything I needed and more. I have tried regular planners in the past and gave up on them completely because I just didn’t feel organized, or if I did have them filled out, it was visually overwhelming. This planner has fantastic templates that are similarly mapped the way I imagined my brain is. It was so much fun putting together my own planner making me feel more motivated to use it each day. Thank you so much for this amazing product."

Farena, Canada

"I don’t have ADHD but I do have a lot of anxiety and planning helps with this. I find the templates incredibly helpful and easy to use! Everything I need is in this planner! It’s very detailed!! I also recently got a puppy and this planner is flexible enough for me to create a consistent schedule for him and having a visual of that helps SOO much with training. I found physical planners hard to have because I found myself not wanting to create my own spreads so I thought a digital planner would help with that and it def does I love it! Although I don’t have ADHD I find the tips in this planner helpful for my anxiety!"

Payten, Arizona, USA

"I LOVE this planner! I appreciate the helpful guide at the start so you're not trying to print the whole thing at once and wasting paper and ink. I love the different formats of each category so I'm not limited to one style for each section, but I can choose what works for me. And I LOVE the phone coloring pages!!! At first, I was like "nah, this isn't going to do anything, but I'll try it"...bro, that thing helped in ways I can't describe! Thank you so much for making a product that makes my life even just that little bit better!

Vianel, New York, USA

"This has seriously changed my life. It has organized the chaos that are my thoughts and tasks in my brain. 10 out of 10 would recommend."

Shyann, Arizona, USA

"I saw this and spent the last 24 hours needing it. First thing this morning I broke down and bought it. Now I'm crying because I feel seen. I've tried planners. I've tried bullet journals. I get so wrapped up in the extra that I lose sight of the need. The science of why something is included is so important to me. The pre-filled out house cleaning list of things to deal with. Medication trackers. No guilt trackers. Brain dump locations. Prompts to help organize the scattered thoughts. A self care tracker that isn't just "take a bubble bath", brushing my teeth is hard ok?. There's so much here and I haven't even actually started using it yet. It's so much, but it's not at all overwhelming. It's well explained and thought out. I wish I had this as a kid. Im so happy that this exists."

Tiffany, Texas, USA

"I’ve tried a lot of ADHD planners, and this is, by far, my favorite! There’s so many templates that are actually designed for ADHD and help me work with my brain instead of constantly fighting it. I see so many so-called ADHD planners that are just neurotypical planners with an overwhelming number of pages and no real direction, but this one actually delivers. <3"

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