Given the nature of digital downloads, which can't be "returned" in the traditional sense (once they're downloaded they're on your device), our policy generally does not allow for swaps, refunds or exchanges. 

However, we choose to keep our planners very affordable and they also come with lifetime updates. This means the only time you'd need to make another purchase is if you choose a different aesthetic and want to change colours or if you wish to switch from the digital to printable version.

Why do we do lifetime updates instead?

- It's the fairest system for everyone. We really didn't want someone purchasing a few months into the year to be penalised for starting late (or let's be honest, being so disorganised that it took until March to realise they should probably get a planner for the year 🙈)

- Lifetime access reduces ADHD demand avoidance - you're not time limited, so therefore if you stop using for a while it's fine. Just pick back up where you left off. Regular planners are so time bound that we feel the pressure to do ALL of it, or we have a tendency to just give up.

- We really didn't want to create a subscription service where you purchase every year. We don't think this is what best serves people with ADHD (we're ADHDers... can't keep up with yearly subscriptions!)

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