Device and app compatibility questions are our most asked questions. This support article gives you a list of all the devices we know about (and most have tested ourselves) that are compatible with Future ADHD Digital Planners, and all the devices we know don't work too! 

This is an evolving list, so if you have a device-type not listed below please contact us so we can help you troubleshoot and/or help others in future. Thank you to everyone who has contributed to this for our community.

Device compatibility

Device / Operating System

Compatible App/s


iPad, iPhone, Mac


tablets & phones

  • Xodo (free)
  • Samsung Notes (free - Samsung devices only)
  • Flexcil (upgraded 'standard' version has best copy/paste function of all Android apps - one-time cost)
  • Penly (paid option only - one-time cost)
  • Noteshelf (paid option only - one-time cost)
  • GoodNotes (currently in BETA for Android and doesn't have full functionality)


tablets & laptops (inc. Microsoft Surface)

  • Xodo (free)
  • GoodNotes (currently in BETA for Windows and doesn't have full functionality)


Apps and devices NOT compatible with Future ADHD digital planners

  • Supernote (mixed reports - email support for a test file if you'd like to try it out!)
  • Kindle Fire
  • Notion
  • OneNote
  • Evernote
  • Google Keep/Apple Notes
  • Foxit
  • Squid

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IMPORTANT: GoodNotes 6 has just been released (Aug 9) with a new major limit on file sizes for free accounts, meaning the Future ADHD planner no longer works in GoodNotes for free 😥. It will continue to work with the premium version of GoodNotes. More information & next steps here.