When it comes to living with ADHD, finding the right tools to help with organisation and focus can make all the difference. The Future ADHD Planner, available in both digital and printable formats, is designed specifically based on the science behind what makes sense to our brains.

Whether you prefer the convenience of digital planning or the sensation of putting pen to paper with a printable planner, we have options that cater to your lifestyle and preferences.

What is the Digital Future ADHD Planner?

Digital Future ADHD Planner

Our digital planner is a dynamic tool for those who thrive with electronic devices. It’s crafted to help manage the distinct challenges of ADHD, providing structure and easy navigation without sacrificing the flexibility to adapt to your daily life.

The Future ADHD digital planner comes in two formats:

  • BYO (Build-Your-Own) Planner: Fully customisable, this planner lets you tailor your organisational system to match your specific needs. We take out the hyperlinked months, leaving you to choose your preferred daily layout (and then just duplicate your daily page - which takes about 5 seconds - each day). You can assemble the planner in one sitting or gradually add sections as required, giving you complete control over how you organize your time.

    The advantage of this method is that you take it at your own pace, and only add pages as you need them. This is particularly helpful for our demand avoidance and 'all-or-nothing' thinking - when all the pages are laid out in advance, we might feel pressured to use them, or feel like we've failed if we miss a day (or 5 πŸ˜…).
  • 365 Planner: Pre-loaded with daily, weekly, and monthly pages all linked with intuitive hyperlinks, this planner is ideal for those who want to start planning straight away. It’s particularly beneficial for ADHD individuals who benefit from a consistent structure to guide them through their day-to-day tasks.

What is the Printable Future ADHD Printable Planner?

Printable Future ADHD Planner

For those who benefit from writing things down physically, our printable planner provides the tactile interaction many find helpful for memory and focus. Similar to our digital BYO option, the printable planner is flexible and grows with your needs:

  • Customizable Setup: Print only the pages you need right now, and just add more as your schedule changes. This method helps prevent wasting ink on pages you don't want, and the overwhelm that can come from seeing an entire year's worth of tasks at once 😱.
  • Printing Options: The great thing here is that you can start by just printing one page, at home, right away.

    We also have some users get their planners bound, or printed in booklet through a professional service, but we'd only suggest this after you've used it for a while - because how do you know what pages or layouts are going to work for you long-term? So start small, and just add pages as you need them. 

Making the Right Choice for Managing ADHD

It's true that not all people are planner people (there are lots of neurotypicals who also just don't like planners) so of course the Future ADHD planner isn't promising to be some silver bullet. The right planner for managing ADHD should aim to be supportive so you can work with your brain, not against it.

Whether you choose the high-tech efficiency of our digital planner or the hands-on approach of our printable versions, the Future ADHD Planner is packed with ADHD-specific templates helpful tips and points of encouragement along the way to help you organise and prioritise in a way that makes sense for our ADHD brains.

If you have any questions, please reach out to our team πŸ’›

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