There are currently two 'glitches' we're aware of that are helpful to knowif you're a Notability user.

Note: We are an ADHD-based company, not a a developer of planner apps, so of course this is out of our control. The app developers need to (and do often) fix glitches like this. But for now, these are the two known glitches with Notability:

1) When using the monthly templates, annotations (your hand writing) can sometimes trigger the hyperlink while writing. To mitigate this, we've included a box for you to write in on the monthly template, so that you can then lasso tool your annotation onto the desired date. See the video below for the full explanation.

2) hyperlinks can stop working/appear broken when you duplicate a template page. All you have to do is press back (top left corner) to the main menu and reselect your note and the links will clean up. This is also included in the video below.

If you have any questions or come across any other issues with Notability (or any apps for that matter) playing up, you can get in touch with us.

Tip: if certain features aren't working or stop working, sometimes it's best to ask the developers directly.

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