We use the Apple Pencil in our tutorials, but you can certainly use the planner without one, as annotation apps are also touch-sensitive (meaning you can write with your finger). 

It mostly comes down to personal preference - but I would assume *most* people would say they prefer the stylus because it's more of a pen and paper feel. You don't need to go running out to buy an Apple pencil though. There are also cheaper alternatives (though the quality of sensitivity varies). I have a Targus stylus (super basic - $12) and it works okay but isn't perfectly responsive. As with most things, you get what you pay for, but I wanted to throw that cheaper option out there.

Within annotation apps, there is also the option to use the text feature to type instead, or if you're on an iPad you can even use the in-built speech-to-text feature. More on that below.

Alternatives to annotating with your finger


Text elements

You can choose a text element and then type into your planner. This is a feature in all of the apps we recommend. Simply navigate to your annotation mode, and then select the text option.

Using text elements is a little finicky at times because it puts text boxes onto your page... but it's also suuuper helpful if your annotated notes are like doctors handwriting 🤪.


Speech to text

This is again using the text element, but instead of trying to type on that (sometimes awkward) little on-screen pop-up keyboard, we're going to use the voice to text feature of the keyboard.

Shortcut: On an iPad that can be triggered by pressing 'Control' twice.

(I may or may not have written this section using voice-to-text)


Get the printable instead?

If you're still in the un-decided phase and haven't chosen a Future ADHD planner, you may also at this point want to explore the printable versions. If you go for printing and 

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