The Future ADHD planner can be used on multiple device types. You can see a full list of compatible apps and devices here. Each of our digital planners comes with tutorial videos to help you install the planner and get up and running. After purchase, you'll be redirected to our custom planner setup wizard. Follow the prompts for your chosen device and app.

Watch the right tutorial video for chosen your device and app

After following the setup wizard prompts and downloading your planner files, scroll down to find your installation tutorial video.

We are also working on adding walkthrough videos for all apps, to show you how to set up, edit and customise the planner to work for you. At this stage there is only a walkthrough video for the GoodNotes app, but the others are coming.

If you are using an app other than GoodNotes, we still recommend watching this walkthrough as the general principles are consistent between all apps (just the buttons and functionality will be slightly different between apps).

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