The Future ADHD digital planner is not an app.

It's a custom-designed PDF built for use with an annotation app. These apps have the ability to make the planner interactive with the ability to annotate (write/draw), navigate (move around) and completely customise your planner to the layout that best makes sense to you.

See our device support page which lists the types of devices as well as some recommended annotation apps we've tested. 

You can also watch a quick overview of the planner and how it works in our introduction to the Future ADHD Digital Planner [Video].

Please remember... we're an ADHD education company, not an app developer. We aren't experts on every app, and don't have control over whether these apps change their functionality or pricing structure. We do try to keep our information as up to date as possible and share what we learn by testing each of the apps. But if any functionality has changed or you need a specific setting/capability, it might be best to reach out to the developers directly.

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