True to our promise to create truly ADHD-mindful systems, as an existing Future ADHD planner customer, you get all future updates, upgrades, new templates and annual calendars FREE as part of your lifetime updates with the planner.

No hidden #ADHDtax around here. It's literally a buy-once, use-forever system. 🙂

But how do you get those lifetime updates? You simply need to re-download the planner file using the original link you were sent.

A Note about installing updates:

You will be downloading a fresh version of the planner file as part of any update. 

Printable planner users: simply re-download the PDF planner, print the new pages and slot them straight into your current set up. Fairly straightforward. 🙂

Digital planner users: Annotation apps don't allow us the ability to update/replace the pages in your established set up, so if you're all set up and 'in flow' using the planner, you might not want to re-download & restart at this point. That's okay! The new pages are lifetime access, so they will be there anytime and ready when you are.

You may also choose to import just a selection/ some of the new pages manually into your current setup. There are no 'shoulds' here, so do what works for you!

Okay, so here's how to get your lifetime updates:


If you purchased on Etsy

You can go back into your Profile > Purchases and locate the order in your purchase history from our store, Future ADHD.

You'll need to log into your Etsy account from a web browser (not the Etsy app), click your profile pic, then 'Purchases': 

Etsy purchases

Then find the product and beside that will be the option to 'Download files':

Etsy download

This one-page PDF will give you the link to either the G Drive files (printable planners) or the custom setup wizard (digital planners).


If you purchased from our website

You will have received an order confirmation email with the link to the planner. You'll need to re-locate that email.

Note: the "download assets from your recent order" email link may not work anymore so you need your 'order confirmation' email.

Click on the 'View your order' button:

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When you get to the checkout thank you page, your link will pop up here:

image 9

Getting a 404 error?

A small percentage of our audience have reported this today (Oct 25th 2023). This is due to a change to Monochrome and Sunset download files. Check 'Step 2' above and make sure you're finding your Order Confirmation email from us.

Getting a 403 error?

We have an automated system that locks down products that have been downloaded from more than a reasonable amount of IP addresses. Get in touch with us to have this reviewed and lifted.

If you can't find your link... 🧐

We're here to help everyone, but we get a high volume of customer enquiries, messages, comments, DMs, etc so keep in mind there could be some delay in getting back to you. Sometimes the quicker option is to do a thorough search.


🔎 Triple check your email inbox, search for 'Future ADHD' (including in your junk & spam folders)

🕵🏼‍♀️ Search your computer or device for PDFs titled 'Future ADHD', 'Download Planner' or 'Printable', which will contain the link.

❓If you still need help, you can CONTACT US and we'll get back to you asap.

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